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Word has come in from the UK, via our agent Rodney, that the BBC is no longer showing The Raccoons. His analysis indicated that perhaps the BBC used it as "a cheap fill for [the] summer holidays." If you live in the UK and need your daily dose of Raccoons, please complain to the BBC. :)


Thanks to Stephan Lesch for more synopses and information on the later episodes!


MP3 of Lions and Tigers on-line. Perhaps this would be a good time to remind all of the fans of this page out there that donations (money or single-malt scotch) are welcome and appreciated... =) Send them to me at the following address, if you are so inclined:

1520 Harvard Yard Mail Center
Cambridge, MA 02138-7505


MP3 of One More Night on-line.


I'm a big believer in mp3 files, so, after a couple of months of dragging my feet, I decided to make some and put em up. Only problem is, this account on fas only gives me 3 megs of space. The solution I came up with was to run a small web server off of my personal computer, thus erasing the size barrier. And so, for all those of you who have been clamouring for Raccoons mp3's, your wishes shall come true. First, feast on Fallin Fallin.


We finally have our first Raccoons MIDI file, thanks to Stefan H. It's one of the classic Raccoons tunes, Run With Us . Thanks also to Nathan Rebalkin for sending me this file! Stefan also did a nice Chord and Tablature file for the same song. Bravo!


Cleaned up the Episode Guide a bit ('twas getting a bit out of date with my e-mail address, among other things), and added a few new episodes (thanks to Jerry Dunham), but I have no information on these last other than the titles. If you have any details on any of them (or any of the episodes, for that matter) be sure to let me know.


We now have a pic of Leo Sayer online, thanks to Ben Anthony. I moved the Specials guide to its own directory for organizational beauty. Turns out Rita Coolidge has her own domain and website, courtesy of Terance. More on this in a bit.


Paul Marshall, at it again, has made a Raccoons screen saver for Windows '95. I haven't looked at it yet, but comments are welcome to Paul or me.


Added "Tele-Toon" in Canada to the list of channels currently broadcasting the Raccoons episodes. Thanks to Marc Sutton for the info.


Another interesting tidbit crossed my desk earlier in the week, namely a set of Raccoons icons for Windows 95. Thanks again to Paul Marshall.


Our rather German friends at "Pro Sieben" seem to have cancelled the Raccoons. If you live in Germany, and can't stand not having your weekly dose of Raccoons, please call or write to complain. :) Thanks to KingSneer for the info. On an opposing note, it seems that our rather American friends at the TRIO channel have begun showing The Raccoons once again! Thanks, guys! Please check Now Playing for showtimes. Thanks to Dunham for the news.


Paul Marshall has updated his Raccoons icon collection, and has now packaged them up nicely in a zip file with an added bonus: Raccoons cursors for Windows 95. Thanks again, Paul!


Things seemed to be slowing down for a bit, there, but now we have a new contributor to the page: Ben Anthony . He has so far contributed much, including a nice bio of Lisa Lougheed. Thanks, Ben!


Well, the University of Missouri St. Louis has finally realized that I am no longer enrolled there. Thus, my account will be deactivated soon, and this page is now securely here at Harvard. Noswaith dda.


Posted my own transcription of All Life Long.


Finished reformatting Come Again.


Well, I'm now all settled in (with Ethernet, to boot) at Harvard. Sorry for the hiatus, but it's been a long week.. :) Paul Marshall has given me a nice sample of his collection of lyrics of Raccoons songs, which I will put up one by one as I convert them from the Microsoft Word format they're in to HTML. I'm not sure if Paul's e-mail is working or not: he seems to have gotten some of my relpies, but cleary not all of 'em. Anyhow, thanks Paul. I've only converted Come On Home , so far, but it's a start (and a good song).


NEW RACCOONS SERIES! I talked to Kevin Gillis the other day, and, believe it or not, a NEW SERIES of Raccoons cartoons is in the works! It will feature "aged" versions of our favorite characters, and the word is that the storyline centers around Bert and Cedric's web page, which purports to be magical and transports them to all sorts of adventures. Other things that I learned include the fact that two of the pigs are in fact named Lloyd and the other one is named Floyd. Stay tuned, this could get exciting in the next few weeks... :)


RACCOONS, I HARDLY KNEW YE. Everyone's favourite DSS channel, TRIO, appears to have cancelled The Raccoons in favour of a show called "The Beachcombers." This could rightly be called a tragedy (unless, of course, you happen to have taped all the episodes, some of which I missed). Please call or write TRIO at P.O. Box 5122, New York, NY 10185-5122 / (800) 890-TRIO and give them the hell they deserve. (Thanks to Dunham for the news.)


Implemented the new menu/navigation bar I designed on a few of the pages, including the lyrics page for Friends, the content of which is, in large part, due once again to the efforts of Mike McLain.


An index file has been created for the Image Library .


OK, I'll take the lazy way out for now on this one. All of the images Tim Fay gave me (Lisa Raccoon, etc.) can now be accessed in the newly inaugurated images/ directory. So there's no index file yet: tough tadpoles. Real men don't need index files. But one will be forthcoming, I assure you. This is just a temporary measure. Enjoy!


Well, thanks to one Mike McLain , we now have the complete lyrics to Run With Us . I'm still pondering how to put up this immense supply of Lisa Raccoon images Tim gave me... :)


Any of you that tried to access the page yesterday might have noted a problem, namely that you couldn't access the page. This was due to a planned upgrade of the server here at UMSL, where these pages are kept. Hopefully, things should run rather smoothly for a while, at least until I have to move the pages from here to Harvard. I added an excellent article by our man in the field, Jim Fabiano, chronicling the heinous cuts that the Disney Channel made to everybody's favourite special, The Raccoons and the Lost Star . Tim Fay also provided me with some great screen captures of Lisa Raccoon, which I will post before the conclusion of the fortnight. What-ho!


The format of the Episode Guide Index was beginning to bug me, so I took the liberty of implementing an interesting chromatic effect with the table cell backgrounds. Much more fun to look at now.. :) Also changed the quote at the top of this page: It was getting a tad mouldy. I hope to have the actual full lyrics and chordings for All Life Long up soon..


OK, sports fans... Once again I apologize for neglecting the page.. :) But now I have a reason to start in with a few more updates again: Timothy Fay has given me some very nice screen captures and things, one of which you may have noticed in the new page title graphic! Many thanks, Tim, and more updates are on the way!


Sorry for the hiatus in updates, but additional Raccoons information is getting hard to come by. If anyone has anything they'd like to contribute, please don't hesitate to submit it . The last remaining special (but actually the first to be produced), The Christmas Raccoons, has finally acquired a page of its own, thanks to our agent in the field, James Fabiano. Hope everyone is having a good summer!


Made some final revisions to the actors' dates of voice participation. Time to burn down the neighborhood to celebrate 221 years of comedy. :)


Added more voice notes, fixed some minor errors in things, added song information on the remainder of the specials, and, lo and behold, finally put up the great information about The Raccoons On Ice that James gave me. Maintenant, revenons a nos moutons.


Well, James (can I call ya Jim? :) ) has supplied me with more voice information, which I have posted, and detailed data concerning "The Raccoons On Ice," which I will post tomorrow . . . It's been a long day. +)


Let the insanity begin once again! James Fabiano is our new Raccoons Specials Investigator (he told me of one I didn't even know existed) and will be supplying this page with information on Kevin Gillis's Raccoons works before the Television Series, such as The Raccoons: Let's Dance . I should also be posting some more of those song transcriptions you all love shortly.


Well, we broke 1000 hits awhile back on the official counter (the one that doesn't register successive hits from the same IP). I realize I've been easing up on the updates lately, and I apologize. But some new sources have been appearing lately, so we should see some more progress soon. LUX LUCEAT!


Finally moved the Episode Guide to its own directory. There might still be a few bugs in the navigation system because there was alot of code to change around. I think the positional logistics are a bit more elegant now. :)


Finished the transcription of Fallin Fallin , and completed the list of songs from the television series. Expect more transcriptions and a relocation of the Episode Guide to its own directory shortly.


The music of the Raccoons productions has always been one of my favourite features. I have put up a preliminary Song Guide, with just one song in it so far, but soon to have many more. Kevin's chord progressions never fail to be interesting. See for yourself. :)


The Specials seemed to be screaming for their own page, so I caved and gave it to 'em, even though there's probably not enough information as yet to warrant one. Ah well.


Now Playing provides a guide to the showtimes of the channels hosting the series. If you know of any other showtimes or channels, please send me the info.


The UnOfficial Raccoons Voice Guide is now on-line. A lot of the information was culled from the guide at, and some of it was my own addition. If you spot any errors, let me know.


News archives are up and running, and I changed the format of these news announcements slightly. I still need a more effective way to seperate table rows and make it easier to differentiate between days.


Made some minor upgrades and adjustments to the actual data in the episode database and added a link to the episode index on every episode page. Also added some codes on the index page so one can see at a glance what information is available. Next on the agenda is a news archive so this blasted section doesn't get more cumbersome than it already is.


I now have almost 50 episodes entered in my episode database and on-line. Another interesting link of note that Chris gave me is the Raccoons Voice Artist page at More to come, so stay tuned! (Ooo, how about a desktop push channel thingy, speaking of tuned! I'm on a roll now... )

[06/15/97] GAUDEAMUS IGITUR! Before he left his Internet access behind for the summer, Chris Yates gave me his research on FORTY of the Raccoons episodes! This was the excuse I needed to set up the UnOfficial Raccoons Home Page Episode Guide. I currently have around 20 episodes entered, and will put more in the database soon. Enjoy! Comments can go here.

[06/12/97] New Look! The cloud background seemed pretty tacky to me after a while, so, although this one is as well, at least it has something to do with the Raccoons. More changes and enhancements soon!

[06/05/97] With the help of Chris Yates, I hope to soon devote a page to each episode, listing director, writer, etc. and descriptions. Much later down the road, perhaps even pictures, midi files, and more. Also, Chris gave me some very interesting information including Susan Roman's Web Page. Susan Roman is the voice artist who does most of Melissa Raccoon's dialog in the series.


TRIO has changed channel numbers again, this time from channel 280 to channel 260 on DSS DirecTV satellite systems.


According to Reuben Harris, the Raccoons are broadcast every weekday morning on BBC2 in the UK (This turns out to be true: 8.35).


TRIO is currently broadcasting The Raccoons television series, every week day at 9:00 am, with a repeat performance (of the same episode) at 11:00 am.

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