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All Life Long

Words and Music by Kevin Gillis, Jon Stroll, Stephen Lunt
Performed by Lisa Lougheed
Transcription by Jim Gilsinan IV

   Dm    Bb/D   Dm    Bb/D

   Dm                     Bb/D
       We would stand on Saturday nights,

   C#dim                Am/C
    the boys and me in line,

   G/B                   Gm/Bb               Asus4     A/G
       Fighting for the chance to dance with you . . .

       I can still remember
       the look upon your face:
       You were so surprised
       that I told you,

   All life long,

      G           A7sus4
   I knew it was forever.

   All life long,

      G                A
   I knew we couldn't stop.

             D      F#m
   All life long,

     Gmaj7         A
   I knew it was forever,

             D      F#m      Gmaj7    Asus4
   All life long!

    verse: simile
      We still go back there
      most Saturday nights,
      the same old band in gray and blue . . .
      And I can still remember
      you and the boys in line,
      and I still want to dance with you . . .

    repeat refrain

    distortion guitar solo

   C#m    G#m   C#m

    refrain, transpose up 1/2 step and repeat to fade