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8 January, 2024

The Roku-oons! The specials and series are now available on The Roku Channel in the US, Mexico, the UK, and Canada! From Kevin's LinkedIn post:

While I was in Korea last week, THE ROKU CHANNEL launched the restored and remastered THE RACCOONS Specials and all 5 Seasons in the US, Mexico, The UK and Canada.

I am excited to announce that THE ROKU CHANNEL will be making the Specials and Series available simultaneously in English, Spanish and French for the first time!

LOS MAPACHES, LES RATONS LAVEURS and THE RACCOONS fans will be able to enjoy Bert, Ralph and Melissa Raccoon, Cedric Sneer, Sophia Tutu and of course, Cyril Sneer, in the language of their choice.

Gracias, Merçi and Thank you to the great team at The Roku Channel!

26 July, 2023

The remastered Series will be released tomorrow on BritBox and ITVX! From Kevin's LinkedIn post:

We are stoked and honoured that BRITBOX and ITVX are launching the completely restored and remastered "THE RACCOONS" in the UK this coming Thursday, July 27th!!

11 October, 2022

Congrats to Forest Ranger Gillis and the team on the first release of the remastered Series (Seasons 1 and 2) on Crave. From his LinkedIn post:

Here we go Raccoons fans!

We are delighted to announce that four decades after its original launch on Canadian television, “The Raccoons” returns to the small screen for an entirely new generation to enjoy the restored and remastered episodes on Crave, Canada’s premier and prestige entertainment offering.

Seasons 1 and 2 drop on Crave on Saturday October 8th, with Seasons 3, 4, and 5, plus four animated specials, to follow at a later date. This follows months of work to remaster the truly iconic animation. Additional markets, platforms and broadcasters to follow.

Kevin Gillis, President of Run With Us Productions, and creator of the series said, “We are thrilled to partner with Crave and reintroduce ‘The Raccoons’ to an entirely new generation. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a resurgence of interest in the program along with its specials. Parents, who were children themselves in the 80s and 90s, are eager to share the show's strong environmental values and loveable characters with their children, a message which resonates more than ever."

21 January, 2022

The Raccoons were recently featured in the Toronto Star, with a focus on the popularity resurgence and the remasters. The article includes some inspiring additions to the ever-growing "Quotable Kevin Gillis" compilation.

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One may now safely refer to me as somewhat of an expert on the Raccoons, mostly thanks to the contributions and continuing efforts of the various people who have made this site what it is today.

The Raccoons productions remain, to my mind, unparalleled in quality and nostalgia. The music is spectacular, and through his genius Kevin Gillis's evergreen world is a place of stars and symphonies.