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News Archives: 2005

06 February

Posted a drawing of Cyril Sneer by Amanda Taylor, and a sketch of Bert falling out the window by Alex Guthrie.

16 January

Micheal writes in with a link to a video of some Final Fantasy XI gameplay sequences to the tune of "Run With Us":

08 January

In other news, Kevin Gillis is now working for Breakthrough films and has new bios there and at Cherry Lane Music Publishing. Turns out he worked with Mary Travers of Peter Paul & Mary. (Mary, by the way, is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and we wish her the best of luck.) There's also a page detailing (some of) Kevin's songs at Cherry Lane.

03 January

Justin Teays writes in with his findings about Hinton Animation Studio, which was the production house of The Raccoons from the second season onward. The Hinton Report is a good read for some insight into the history of Raccoons animation.

01 January

Series 2 of the Raccoons DVD collection is available on here.

Leelan Stanjek notes that the first boxed DVD set is available from Morningstar here. This page has a great deal more information on the DVD set than the page posted previously. Doesn't look as if they have Series 2 available yet.

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