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Updated some Air Times information. Thanks to Robert Simpson and Leelan Stanjek. Also fixed some broken links on the Songs Page and added a link to the mp3 of "Growing Up," which should have been linked a long time ago. Oops.


Okay! So here we are back at Harvard, with full network connectivity. Thus, all of the mp3 links on the Songs Page should be active again. More when I get my act together better here.. :)


Well, well.. I seem to have finally cured my computer from a rather nasty bout of Windows 98, but unfortunately all of my mail archives were wiped out. No time like the present to start anew, I say. If you sent anything important (to either of my addresses) that I didn't respond to, you might want to send it again. Specifically, I remember somebody e-mailing me some airing time information in Europe somewhere, which I didn't get a chance to address.. Please re-mail if you get the opportunity. Old Billy Gates has some explainin' to do..


Tim Fay has made mp3's out of the last of the songs on "Evergreen Nights." They are "New World" and "Hold Back Tomorrow," both of which are available now at Suam's Site. Thanks. Oh, and we also have word from John, the webmaster of TRIO's site, that "starting September 1st, the Raccoons moves to 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM Monday through Saturday." Thanks.


Tim Fay has completed the recording of two new songs, "Don't Fear the Fire" and "Stop the Clock," both of which should be on Suam's Site. Also, I corrected the names of some songs: "Hey Boy" is actually Hang On, Hold On, "Restless in the Night" is "Don't Fear the Fire," and "Ship Sailing Out" is New World, "Don't You Ever Give Up On Me" is "Never Give Up," which I just got from Suam's site (thanks).


Tim Fay has been working his magic again. This time, he's upgraded his mp3 of "Run With Us" (again, to 128 kbps), and sampled the full, clean version of "All Life Long" from Evergreen Nights (which actually revealed that I had some of the opening lyrics wrong all along). These should be on Suam's Site real soon. :) Also, added another little bit of trivia I found today to the notes section of the Actor and Voices page. Chris Yates told me that one around a year ago. Sorry for the delay. :)


Added some interesting notes and trivia to the Voices Guide, mostly thanks to Gerald Tripp. Sorry for the delay on that one, kids. :)


Suam Pteryian has put up a bunch of mp3's on his New, Fast Site. Suam has also let me know that TRIO has its own web site: As always, visit and e-mail them to show your support. Suam has also come up with a nice picture of Noam Zylberman from "Outside Chance of Maximillian Glick." Thanks, Suam. :)


Seems Tim Fay has posted his mp3's of Ain't No Planes, Run With Us, and Here I go Again. Get 'em while they're hot, kiddies, because word on the street is they'll be gone by next week, and I can't post 'em till September.


Finally broke down and made a Thank You Page. If I forgot anyone (gasp) or left anything out, don't hesitate to e-mail me and we'll sort it out. Also added some new episode info, thanks to Stephan Lesch (synopses), and James Shaw, who pointed out that Bruno Gerussi was the guest for the episode of " The Phanton of Sneer Mansion! " as The Phantom.


Did some updating today, mostly to begin to clear out my blasted In-Box. Added Catalyst information below (it will get its own page soon). Added airing information on HTB+ thanks to Ralph Mirebs and on BBC1 thanks to Leon Baker and Rodney. Jennifer Reiter has started a Raccoons mailing list . I just signed on. So should you. Suam Pteryian has been so kind as to set up a temporary site for some of the mp3's on the songs page. Also, Tim Fay of mp3 making fame has corrected the problems with his "Run With Us" mp3, and made a truly unbelieveable "Ain't No Planes" recording, which has allowed me to get the full lyrics! We'll figure out some way to post these so everyone can get 'em. Outstanding, Tim.


Well, I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is that I no longer have my 24-hour blazingly fast Internet connection supplied by Harvard, which means that the links to the mp3's I have on this computer will be down for the next 3 months. The good news is that I am now relaxing at HOME for the summer, which means I will probably have more time to update other aspects of the page. If anyone has some nice, fast webspace to offer (around 50 MB), let me know and we can use it for the mp3's.


Despite exams and other things of grave importance, I had to make one update thanks to Tim Fay. Seems he grabbed the FULL mp3 of "Run With Us" off of a Lisa Lougheed album he has. The sound is phenomenal, despite a few minor sampling glitches. The link can be found on the Songs Page. Enjoy, and thanks again Tim! Also, while I was at it, I put up a bunch of screen captures thanks to Suam Pteryian. Put 'em under unsorted, because, dag nummit, I just don't have a lot of time lately.


Well, folks, my profound apologies for the lack of page updates in the past few weeks.. The year is coming to an end at this lovely institution of dawn, and we all know what that means! Papers! Finals! Guinness and scotch! Point is, I have received all of your e-mails, and you may rest assured that I will address them just as soon as I have the time. And soon I might even be able to sleep.. Ahh sleep...


There remain a number of things in my in-box waiting to be added to the page, but it looks like they'll have to wait a week or two longer. :) I've been quite busy lately, as you can probably tell, and next week is spring break. I'm going home. No more HTML or mid-terms or music sections. Just scotch, sleep, and perhaps some toasted rye bread with liversausage. Peace.


Added mp3's of "Ship Sailing Out" and "Can't trust Myself" (both remix / longer versions) to the Songs Page. Also replaced no sound RealVideo clip of the Series opening sequence with one with sound on the Images Page. Thanks to Suammi Pteryian .


Folks, we have reached a milestone in Raccoons music collection (what got me into the Raccoons in the first place): We now have mp3's of ALL of the songs from The Raccoons and the Lost Star , quite possibly one of the greatest collection of songs ever put to use as a soundtrack. All of this is thanks to, yes ladies, Suammi Pteryian . He deserves Scotch. A lot of Scotch. And a burger from Carl's. But I digress. On the Songs Page, then, we have the following new mp3s: "Calling You," "Friends," "Shining," "Taking My Time," "You Can Do It," and "To Have You." All versions are from Let's Dance, and they are WELL WORTH the download, especially those from Lost Star. This must be heard to be believed, friends, I kid you not. Cheers!


Added WAVs of five songs ("Can't Trust Myself," "Here I Go Again," "Ship Sailing Out," "Someone Like You," and "This Time") to the Songs Page thanks to Rodney. Also did some housekeeping with regards to the song listings and lyrics files (some were listed twice under different names).


Added mp3 of the long version of "Lions and Tigers" to the Songs Page, and some images of Bert and Cyril and the video of the opening sequence of the episodes to the Images page. Both thanks to Suam Pteryian. Also updated airing times for Tele-Toon, thanks to Tony Greyfox.


Added some new images to the Image Archive from Let's Dance, thanks to Suam Pteryian.


A belated "bore da" and "Happy Saint David's Day" to all of the Cymry out yonder. Added a nice scan from the Let's Dance video, and updated TRIO's mailing address, on the Now Playing page, both thanks to Suam Pteryian.


Added WAVs of "Missing It" and "Hey Boy" to the Songs Page thanks to Rodney.


Added lyrics for Hey Boy, thanks to Rodney. Also corrected the lyrics for Run With Us for the last time, at least until we get additional verses or something. Thanks to thanks again to Suam Pteryian. Puzzling question of the month: What ever happened to Chris Yates?


Added a great image of Cyril Sneer to the Character Guide thanks to Kese. We should have more of these up shortly, and it should look real nice. Also, I received an e-mail from Gerald Tripp, and he provided many interesting notes on the series and other topics, which I will post once I make an "Articles" page. And, BTW, Kese, I tried to reply to ya but it bounced the mail back. The image is great! Keep 'em coming!


NEW WAVS! Rodney has provided us with wavs of two new songs: "Come On Home," one of my personal favourites, and "Ain't No Planes." See the Song Guide for links. Just for everyone's edification, Rodney's equipment creates an aliased tone at around 3 Khz, so I applied a notch filter and killed everything from 2.7 to 3.3. I also went back and did this for his previous two submissions, "Run With Us" and "All Life Long," after noticing a similar tone, softer but distinct. Everything should be nice and screech-free, now. :)


Corrected lyrics of Run With Us again, this time thanks to Suam Pteryian for pointing it out. Also added two new songs from the Series to the Song List thanks to Rodney.


Corrected third verse of Run With Us (thanks to Stephan for pointing that out) *and* added WAVs of both "Run With Us" and my personal favorite, "All Life Long." Check the Songs Page for the links. Many thanks to Rodney for this last. Rodney is, as we have seen, the man.


Added third verse of Run With Us thanks to Timothy Fay .


James Fabiano has supplied me with some pictures, which I have used to spruce up the pages of The Christmas Raccoons and The Raccoons on Ice. Thanks, Jim.


I have posted " Who's Who in the Evergreen Forest ", a character guide by James Fabiano and Stephan Lesch. Excellent work, lads.


Updated the Voice Guide with some additional voices, notes, trivia, and a link to the Canadian Actors Archive .


Did some updating of the song database:


James Fabiano has provided updated versions of all of the Specials articles he has written:


Jim Fabiano has pointed out some errors in Stephan's new synopses, now fixed:

  • The "Old School" episode is really called "Making the Grade."
  • In the episode about the skateboard contest, "Stealing the Show," the comics the Pigs are infatuated with are Mudman comics.
  • Also, here's an interesting item I noticed that you can use: For "Making the Grade," the disguise Cyril throws together is, obviously, modeled after comedian Groucho Marx. He uses this disguise in at least one other episode, "Stress Test."


Updated the Episode Guide thanks to some more synopses and information submitted by Stephan Lesch. Found two songs that weren't previously listed.


John Schneider has given us permission to link to his web page, FaithWorks Productions. John e-mail address is


Today we celebrate the first year anniversary of The UnOfficial Raccoons Homepage. As a blessing for an equally successful year to come, I have overhauled the HTML code of this front page to conform to the HTML 4.0 standard.


Biography of John Schneider on-line. Also of note is the fact that I forgot to change the dates on the news announcements for the past three. Oops. Fixed now.


Biography of Dottie West on-line, along with link to tribute page.


Ahh.. Good to get away from it all every once in a while, eh? But now I'm back (home) at Harvard, so the mp3 links work. Also, my buddy Jim Fabiano seems to have e-mailed me a good barrel of information about various things, which I'll probably get to tomorrow.. Hwyl!

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