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Duy Cuong Nguyen remarks, in classically effective bad-news-good-news phrasing,

"I don't see any sign of something new for the Raccoons for Christmas 2000 on CBC. But, as usual, the CBC will be airing the Christmas Raccoons on Christmas Day at 17:30. And interestingly enough, the CBC will also be airing Let's Dance preceding it at 17:00."


Updated Now Playing page. Rodney Stringwell pointed out a time change for the Raccoons on BBC 1, and Max Artemev relates the sad news that Teleinform has cancelled the show.


Max Artemev pointed out that The Raccoons are no longer showing on NTV+ in Russia, so I corrected that on the Now Playing page, and added a section for channels that at one point showed the Raccoons, but no longer do so, so you can harrass them.


Good news in both Eastern and Western hemispheres: perrota@student.Ednet.NS.Ca notes that the Raccoons are once again playing on CBC in Canada; Max Artemev notes that the Raccoons are also playing in Russia on Teleinform. Details on the Now Playing page.


In an almost superhuman feat of translation, Maxim Artemev has translated most of this site into Russian. Thus, the Official Russian UnOfficial Raccoons Homepage can be found at Note that you'll need a Cyrillic font (e.g., "windows1251") or code page to view it in all its glory. Well done, Tovarishch.


Added a 3D Bert and Animated 3D Bert by Comrade Max Artemev to the Images page.


Updated Now Playing page with info provided by Glenn regarding the state of the Raccoons on A-Channel. So looks like the some parts of North America (Alberta and wherever your satellite provider offers A-Channel) can still get the Raccoons.


A few updates: CBC and Teletoon are no longer showing the Raccoons, so I updated the Now Playing page accordingly. Thanks to Duy Cuong Nguyen for the info. I guess this means that North America currently gets no Raccoons at all, although last I heard, A-Channel in Alberta might still be showing it. Anyone know?

Suam Pteryian found the new (and pretty slick) site of Catalyst Entertainment (for whom Kevin Gillis currently works) at No Raccoons info there, though.

Lastly, Mike McLain found evidence that Ralph Raccoon is involved with a plot for Canadian world domination . Frightening.


Added a very nice new image, Bentley's Kiss with Rachel, to the Images Page. Thanks to Jonathan Roth . Also added Bert as Ananab Warrior by Semaj.


Duy Cuong Nguyen sez:

I was checking my mail, and found a promotional catalogue for the CNAnime Expo 2000. Susan Roman, the voice of Melissa Raccoon #2, will be appearing at the expo here in Toronto. The expo is at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre from August 25 to 27. She really there for her Sailor Moon role, so some of the other English voice cast of that show will be there too.

Admission is $15 CAD or $10 USD for one day, or $29 CAD or $20 USD for all three days.


Updated the Now Playing information thanks to Duy Cuong Nguyen, and added some notes on Len Carlson and Susan Roman to the Actors and Voices Section thanks to St�phane Dumas, and some notes on Lisa Lougheed thanks to Darren.


Added an excellent sketch that Jonathan Roth did for the Ambush competition "The Grim Future of Cartoons." It is called Nevergreen, and is highly recommended viewing.


Wow, how long can we go without an update? Sorry about that, folks, got lots going on lately. Updated the Now Playing page thanks to updates from Duy Nguyen,, Josh Barton, semaj, Andy Silver, and Steve Webster.


Added another piece of fan artwork to the Images Page thanks to mweb. Also turns out that our friends at Catalyst Entertainment have registered the domain "", you can get the details here. A sign of things to come? Let's hope so. Thanks to Joerg for calling that one to my attention.

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