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27 March, 2008

Some unfortunate news about the Fabulous Films releases from Anthony Stewart (thanks Anthony):

To: Anthony Stewart
Sent: Saturday, 15 March, 2008 5:46:57 PM
Subject: Re: The raccoons series two dvd

Thanks for your email, no plans yet.. we'd love to release though.. we didn't sell enough copies of Vol 1 to really go full steam ahead with Vol 2.

Fabulous Films Info

Come on guys, let's write to show our support. Also, if you are in the UK (or if you are in the US and have a region-free DVD player) buy the season 1 discs! (I know that page doesn't work on Firefox, it's an bug I haven't been able to get them to fix.) I had such high hopes for Fabulous Films when Morningstar failed us. Maybe I'll talk to Kevin and convince him to release the episodes online right here, the costs are much lower with online distribution and in a few years Blu-Ray and whatever other physical media are du jour will be obsolete anyway in favor of online distribution.

26 March, 2008

Added great drawings of Bert by Jana Cerovec and Cyril Sneer by Erin.

02 March, 2008

Added some more information on the Polish version of the show (including a link to the Polish intro) to the Now Playing page, thanks to Wilki.

01 February, 2008

Added a screenshot of Willow's Store thanks to Gabe Bennett. Also updated lyrics of Calling You to add the extra verses in Let's Dance, thanks to Aaron Perrott.

27 January, 2008

Happy Belated New Year! I've updated the Now Playing section with info from several individuals (Hektor, Leelan, Marijke, Badre). Also beefed up the Merchandise page, get 'em while you can. I suspect the Morningstar releases will become harder to get while the Fabulous Films ones will become easier.


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