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Updated the Now Playing information again thanks to Eric Wrixon. Also added a fanpic of Sophia as Jesse from Pokemon of all things by Amanda Taylor.


Updated the Now Playing information thanks to Alex Sorokopud, Duy Cuong Nguyen, and Andrew Murdoch . Added Ben Anthony to the Thanks Page. Also added a nice new piece of fan artwork by Paul Prower to the Images Page.


I added a nice new piece of fan art from Paul Prower to the Images Page.


OK, so it's been quite too long. I have a few updates to let you know about, therefore, and my apologies, but at this Institute for the Insane, one can't be expected to deliver anything on time or regularly. So. Mark and Karen Royle have been kind enough to e-mail me scans of some of the original sketches by Glenn McDonald, who was an animator in the first years of the series. In any case, they can be viewed on the Images Page. Enjoy!


Added a picture of Bert as Obi-Wan to the Images Page . Thanks to Amanda Taylor.


Updated Now Playing page with regards to TELETOON and CBC. Thanks to Duy Cuong Nguyen and Eric Wrixon. Also revised the info for TRIO, which appears in the show list but not in the schedule. Hope the schedule's not the newer of the two. Added links to channel homepages where available.


Updated the Now Playing page with some information from Bentley Raccoon regarding Germany.


Hoo boy. Well, folks, as you may have guessed by now, the links for the mp3s and the videos are down for the summer or until I get that ADSL line. Also, there seem to be some copyright considerations, which we will try to remedy in the months to come so I can host the mp3s and the videos again when I get back to school in September. Links are provided to appropriate alternate sites on the songs and images pages, however, so don't hesitate to use those resources. Duy is doing a tremendous job. Also, I added a GS and General MIDI transcription of "Ain't No Planes" (which is very well done) to the Songs Page thanks to Redlouts, and an IT translation of the "Run With Us" MIDI thanks to Vincent 404. When I get some time, I hope to fix the Episode Guide problems with dates, sequence, etc. Stay tuned...


Thanks to Duy Cuong Nguyen the first two specials, The Christmas Raccoons and The Raccoons on Ice are now on-line in RealVideo (also on the Images page), which means that all four specials are now downloadable in full from this site! The bad news, however, is that come Thursday afternoon, I will be packing up the workstation here and shipping it home. After that, it remains to be seen whether I can host the mp3s and the RealVideo files. If I get an ADSL line as scheduled, I probably will be able to, but otherwise we'll have to wait until September. In short, grab what you want soon in terms of mp3s and videos; they may not be around for long!


Added another fan art image, this time of Ralph and Melissa, from mweb. It's on the Images Page and the Who's Who Page. Well done!


Duy strikes again. This time, with a RealVideo encoding of Let's Dance. I put it on the Images, Videos, and Whatnot page, and also on the special's page itself. Duy is the man. Be very, very afraid of him. Keep up the good work, Duy! Also, I saw EPISODE I yesterday, and despite what any "critics" might have said, I thought it was phenomenal.


Added a very nice Fan Art pic of Bert from mweb to both the Images, etc. page and the Character Guide . Keep those coming, mweb, especially the minor characters. Also, due to the ineptitude of someone with regards to domain policy, "" won't work to access South Park Central. Use instead. And I wholeheartedly recommend the site--it has all of the episodes for download in RealVideo. That is, of course, the current dream for this site as well. I predict that in the not-too-distant future we will be seeing a lot of sites pop up that are dedicated to old, syndicated shows and have episodes (and, ideally, all of the episodes) up for download in some form or another.


OK. So it seems we have a major video badass in our midst. Barely a day ago, I posted a "challenge" on the mailing list. This challenge was to encode the entirety of "Lost Star" in RealVideo, as the South Park Episodes are. Who should respond to this challenge but Duy Cuong Nguyen, posting the entire special in RealVideo! My friends, this is a major milestone in Raccoons history. It is the first step in the journey of getting all of the specials and episodes online, just like South Park. Duy, you are unbelieveable, and will be remembered always as a true Raccoon stud. The file is available on the images page until I get the time to make a new page for such things.


All right, folks, seems I goofed on that last one. Duy provided the address info, not Suam. Thus: Thanks, Duy. Added some more Dottie West comments, thanks again to Jim Fabiano. Also updated the Images page: now it is the Images, Videos, and Artwork page. Gave the videos their own little section, sorted through some of the unsorted stuff and added some nice fan art from one Amanda Taylor. Thanks, Amanda.


Added address info for Catalyst below. Thanks Suam. Called Kevin today, but he was out. Will try again monday and give you all some good news, hopefully.


Well, alright, I finally got off my duff and tracked down Kevin again. The phone number of Catalyst and Kevin himself have been updated below. Also, James Fabiano of Old sent me some more Dottie West info, which will be up shortly, and I've added some various video clips to the images page from Panthor X's ftp site at Thanks.


Added scans of the covers of two of Lisa Lougheed's album covers to her bio page. Thanks to Duy Cuong Nguyen for those.


Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated; however, if I were to die, I would be the last to find out. Mark Twain said something to that effect. Paul McCartney also said something to that effect. I try to give all e-mails regarding this page some attention, but if I don't get back to you in due course, I apologize. Things are, as you might suspect, somewhat busy around here at times, and this page is a purely volunteer effort on my part. When Kevin decides to hire me, then I can give more attention to things, but until then I can't guarantee personal responses to all e-mails. That having been said, I added the big avi of the Raccoons Opening Sequence on the Images page, and also added the various versions of Missing It and Run With us to the Song's Page, along with a clip of The Sweet Smell of Success.


I took a listen to Duy's "improved" versions of the Evergreen Nights tracks, and they are indeed improved. Seems we have something of an audiophile in our midst. The stereo seperation is much better, and the individual channels are much clearer. Thus, I replaced all of the old Evergreen Nights mp3s with Duy's. Enjoy!


Duy Cuong Nguyen has been doing some mp3 work, it seems. For starters, he made an excellent encoding of Come On Home, which is one of my favorites, and so I replaced the rather hissy wav file on the Songs Page with his mp3. Also, should once again be able to serve up these files. Any problems, let me know. Duy has also re-encoded most (if not all) of the files from Evergreen Nights, and they are, he claims, better than the ones I have now. I'll check it out, and if he's right, I'll replace the mp3s I have now with his. Many thanks.


Duy Cuong Nguyen has posted an interview or two with Susan Roman, who plays Melissa Raccoon in the series. They are available at Yes, I do read the activity on the mailing list, which, by the way, for those of you not on it, is reachable at I will be out of town for the next few days, and joyfully unreachable. And yes, I am aware of the problems with the song mp3s etc. that are stored here on my workstation at Blame Windows '98. I'll try *again* to fix it when I get back.


Okay people, as you may have noticed by now, I haven't been very active in terms of the page or answering mail regarding the page. Perhaps after exams are over, I can plow through some of this stuff. For now, though, please accept my apologies. I have, however, obtained very rare copies of the LPs of "Lake Freeze," which is a soundtrack album from the first two specials, and albums with narrations of both of those specials as well. I'll be converting them to mp3 or RealAudio or whatever, in the future. Have a great 1999!

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